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Roll Up Banners

Roll up banners
Broad Base and Narrow Base Roll Up Banners

By Admin

15th feb, 2022

Roll Up Banner Printing in Nairobi

Roll up banner Stands, also known as roller banner or pull up banners, are an important resource for any exhibitor looking to stand out at an exhibition or trade show. They can also be used to make a big impact in your shop or place of business as a great addition to your point of sale material.

When printing your roll up banner, we take into considerations several factors that contribute in making your banner serve the intended purpose, i.e we make sure we put the logo at the top, make sure that we are using high quality images and most importantly pair it with other advertising products in your company.

Custom printed company banners are the best for advertising because they make an instant impression on the clients mind. Whether you are marketing a new product / Service or your brand through visual advertisement place to place, banner advertising is the most cost effective and popular.

Standard sizes usually range from 80cm wide to 200cm wide. While the width differs, roll up banners mostly have a standard height of 200cm. This is to allow the roller banners to be used in any space, whether it is an exhibition space with high ceilings or just a conference room where the ceiling may be low.

If you're the type of small business that likes sponsoring local events for more exposure, you'll get a lot of use out of your banner. This is especially useful when you go to a lot of social gatherings or trade shows that feature your products or services. Once you create your banner, you don't need to pay recurring costs as long as you maintain them. Banners are tough and will last for long periods of time.

Flyer design ideas:

  • Grab your audience‚Äôs attention with color.
  • Choose imagery that makes an impact on your audience.
  • Use icons and graphics as imagery.
  • Create an impression with an incentive.
  • Experiment with text effects.

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